Violent offender jailed for 4 years after bus attack

Published: 08-12-2022

A 61-year-old Birmingham man has been jailed after violently attacking bus staff with a broken bottle.


Gerald Wilmot, from Stafford Road, Handsworth was involved in a road rage incident after he cycled in front of a bus on Kendrick Way, West Bromwich, on the 12 May this year.


Wilmot forced his way onto the bus and started to bang a beer bottle onto the driver’s cab screen. An off duty driver, and a bus Inspector, who were travelling home after work, came to the drivers aid and attempted to restrain Wilmot.


Wilmot then broke the bottle, attacking the men who managed to grapple him to the floor, unfortunately sustaining injuries as they did so. One suffered a 7cm cut to his jaw and neck, as well as hands and arms, whilst the other also received cuts to his hands and arms. The men bravely restrained Wilmot until police arrived and he was arrested. Throughout the assault Wilmot was shouting racial abuse at staff and passengers.


Wilmot appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court on the 7 December and pleaded guilty to two offences of wounding with intent, as well as racially aggravated assault and a racially aggravated public order offence. He was sentenced to four years in prison.


DC Craig Elliot, the investigating officer from force CID, said: “This was a particularly violent offence where the bravery of the two off duty staff has prevented more serious injury. Thankfully, this sort of incident is very rare and the sentence sends out a message that violence on our public transport network won’t be tolerated.”