Safer Travel & CCTV room helps relocate bike with owner!

Published: 30-08-2017

Safer Travel & CCTV room helps relocate bike with owner!

The CCTV control room, based at Centro house, holds more than 1,500 cameras and can access CCTV from around the West Midlands and Transport Hubs; monitoring and replaying CCTV when called upon. 

Eagle eyed Alex, from Man Commercial was able to replay footage of a bike thief and follow him across the train network.

Suspicion aroused when she saw police officers searching the bike racks at Dorridge rail station and experience told her it was likely there had previously been a bike theft at the station. Alex looked back at the CCTV footage of the previous day, where she saw an offender acting suspiciously around the bike racks, before unclipping the wheel of the bike, which was locked up and taking the rest of the bike with him. 

Carrying the bike, without the front wheel, the offender was easy to trace and follow his movements. He travelled by train from Dorridge to Solihull and spent some time walking around the town, before leaving the bike outside Solihull train station. 

In the meantime, our Intelligence officer informed PC Shaun Hickinbottom of a log from the victim of the stolen bike. Shaun looked over the CCTV from Alex and called staff at Solihull station to ask them to keep the bike safe. 


Safer Travel officers were able to contact the owner and give him the good news that thanks to the quick thinking of the CCTV team, his bike has been retrieved and were able to reunite the bike and its owner. 

The offender on this occasion has not yet been identified; however officers are currently investigating this crime and the CCTV images. 

Safer Travel encourages all bike users to lock their bikes securely, locking both the frame and the wheel to an immovable object. It is also advised to get bikes marked and registered with @bikeregister. 

Safer Travel hold bike surgeries where you can get free bike marking and purchase good quality D locks.