Restorative Justice After Girl Threw Water At Bus Driver

Published: 25-10-2022

A 15-year-old girl from Dudley has been made subject of a Restorative Justice session (RJ) after she threw water over the driver of a bus in Dudley in September this year. The driver was unharmed.


The session involved the girl undertaking a victim awareness session, as well as writing a letter of apology to him. Restorative Justice is designed to avoid criminalising young people and keep them out of the courts.


Insp Rachel Crump, head of the Police Safer Travel Team said “Our Anti-Social Behaviour Team will take every opportunity to identify young people involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour, to make public transport safe for all to travel on. Restorative Justice is shown to lead to a significant drop in re-offending, as it helps people who have committed crimes to recognise the harm they have caused whilst avoiding stigmatising them with a criminal record”.