Published: 30-04-2012

CCTV is used throughout the West Midlands public transport network to provide security for passengers and staff and to help in deterring and detecting crime.  It provides the ability to monitor all forms of transport - with cameras being located on buses, trains and trams, as well as at all rail station car parks, many bus and rail stations and other interchanges or hubs.
Over the last three years Centro has installed CCTV at certain bus shelters in an effort to prevent and detect criminal behaviour. Over 120 bus shelters are now equipped with CCTV and the result has been to reduce incidents of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour; create safer environments in which to wait or travel; and to improve passengers’ feeling of safety whilst waiting for buses.
Since the cameras have been installed there has been a 62% reduction in criminal damage at those shelters.
Centro have also purchased seven re-deployable cameras which can be used at different transport locations to respond to incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.  These cameras simply attach to existing lampposts which then provide power and record for 24 hours, 7 days per week. The cameras are deployed by the Safer Travel Partnership when an issue has been identified through information or intelligence received.